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Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions

The CPMR brings together some 160 Regions from 25 States from the European Union and beyond. Representing about 200 million people, the CPMR campaigns in favour of a more balanced development of the European territory. It operates both as a think tank and as a lobby for Regions.

Through its extensive network of contacts within the EU?institutions and national governments the CPMR has, since its creation in 1973, been targeting its action towards ensuring that the needs and interests of its Member Regions are taken into account in policies with a high territorial impact.

It focuses mainly on social, economic and territorial?cohesion, maritime policies and blue growth, and accessibility. European governance, energy and climate change, neighbourhood and development also represent important areas of activity for the association.

The organisation is divided into six Geographical Commissions, corresponding to European maritime basins, with a strong territorial dimension. These Commissions – the Atlantic Arc, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Intermediterranean, the Balkan and Black Sea, and the Islands – interact closely with the CPMR working groups, organised according to key European policy domains.

In the framework of the European development policy, the CPMR works to insure political recognition of the role of the regions in external policy. CPMR defends a truly territorial approach of development. One of the ways to achieve this objective is the participation in the work of PLATFORMA.

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