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“@GFMDMayors City pledges & Gaziantep Declaration are visionary contributions from LRG. But political will & resolution is needed to put vision into action. We need more support from the international community” 🔵@msaadieh @UCLGMEWAorg closes the @Refugees #GTFM joint event https://t.co/pm01yOgUqx

Italian Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions

AICCRE is the Italian association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), headquartered in Rome and represented in the whole Italian territory by its 20 regional federations.

AICCRE brings together regions, municipalities, provinces and the elected representatives of local governments (metropolitan areas, districts, mountain communities), fostering their commitment to the construction of a federal Europe, founded on the recognition, reinforcement and enhancement of the regional and local authorities.

Via Messina, 15
00198 - Roma, Italy
Tel. : + 39 6 69940461
Fax : + 39 6 6793275
Website : www.aiccre.it