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#Infotrafic 📢 manifestation en centre-ville dès 18h Modification du dispositif prévu pour nous adapter à ce changement. Consultez toute l'info sur https://t.co/ISDWVRCDIP rubrique Infotrafic. L'info sera actualisée dans cette rubrique en temps réel toute la soirée et sur Twitter

Nantes Metropolis

Since 1st January 2001, Nantes Métropole is at the service of the 590,000 inhabitants of the 24 municipalities in the urban area of Nantes. Twenty-four municipalities that have joined forces for greater solidarity between their inhabitants and for development that respects natural balances.

Nantes Métropole is committed internationally, primarily through networks of cities, around a powerful idea: to contribute to the strengthening of local governance as a lever of democracy and development. Projects are currently being carried out with local authorities in Cameroon, Guinea and Haiti (drinking water, sewage, waste and energy) and Morocco (public transport).

2 Cours du champ de Mars
44923 - Nantes Cedex 9, France
Tel. : +33 2 40 99 48 48
Fax : +33 2 40 99 52 99

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