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Study: Decentralised cooperation in the Mediterranean and the Middle East

18 marzo 2019

The Tuscany Region has recently published a mapping of Italian decentralised cooperation projects in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East. It combines a quantitative analysis on the data relating to all cooperation projects promoted in the Mediterranean basin and a qualitative survey on some of the most significant experiences in this area.

This study focuses on 13 best practices, selected among the 215 projects involving international cooperation in the Mediterranean identified by the Region of Sardinia and the Interregional Observatory on Development Cooperation (OICS) in a previous study. 40% of these projects concern countries in the Middle East, where in recent years, critical situations have been exacerbated (Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq), new regional conflicts have arisen (Syria) and socio-economic conditions have deteriorated.

This mapping of best practices is a useful tool to all other European regions active in decentralised cooperation in the Mediterranean.

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