27 women mayors shortlisted for the 2018 World Mayor Prize!

4 septiembre 2018

The shortlist for the 2018 World Mayor Prize, which was announced on 4 September 2018, includes 27 female mayors from 20 countries who have entered local politics not because they wanted or needed to prove that women can succeed in an environment shaped by men but because they believed they had the right ideas, skills and ambitions to help their communities to flourish.

Among them are the Mayor of Rosario (Argentina) Monica Fein, the Mayor of El Alto (Bolivia) Soledad Chapetón, the Mayor of Gaziantep (Turkey) Fatma Sahin, the Mayor of Narayangonj (Bangladesh) Selina Hayat Ivy, the Mayor of Tunis (Tunisia) Souad Abderrahim, the Mayor of Lille (France) Martine Aubry, the Mayor of Paris (France) Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Barcelona (Spain) Ada Colau or the Mayor of Köln (Germany) Henriette Reker.

World Mayor 2018 is dedicated to women in local government. It features the achievements and goals of women mayors from across the world and will honour the best of them. Vote now by supporting and commenting on the mayor from the below shortlist who you believe deserves to be considered for the World Mayor Prize.

More information on www.worldmayor.com/contest_2018/world-mayor-shortlist-2018.html

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