Amendments to the European Parliament draft report on “increasing the effectiveness of development cooperation”

19 octubre 2016

Local and regional governments (LRGs) are key actors for development, democratic governance as well as security and migration. The fifth anniversary of the adoption of the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the partnership between the EU and the local and regional governments in both Member States and partner countries.

In view of the discussions taking place in the European Parliament Committee on Development with regards to the report on development effectiveness, PLATFORMA – the network of local and regional governments for development cooperation between Europe and partner countries – proposes the following amendments in order to strengthen the local dimension:

  • create a Global Partnership Initiative focused on LRGs;
  • establish multi-stakeholders consultation mechanisms;
  • include EU countries’ LRGs in the joint programming in partner countries;
  • harness the potential of decentralised cooperation as means to increase local ownership;
  • promote decentralisation and the empowerment of LRGs in partner countries.

Please find all the proposed amendments here or on the right of this article.

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PLATFORMA amendments to the Draft report on “increasing the effectiveness of development cooperation”
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