CONNECT: Another match has been made!

10 agosto 2018

The CONNECT team is happy to announce that yet another CONNECTion has been established. The Moldovan municipalities of Telita, Gura Bicului, Roscani, Serpeni, Speia and Varnita are now ready to CONNECT with two municipal experts representing Dutch municipal organisations.

One expert represents the VNG (the Association of Netherlands municipalities), the other represents HVC (an organisation responsible for sustainable waste management of municipalities and water boards within the Netherlands).

In the week of the 10th of September 2018, the earlier mentioned municipalities will jointly tackle the waste management challenge which was formulated by the Moldovan group. They will do so in a ‘round table expert meeting’; a set-up which includes workshops, field visits and meeting with all other (non-municipal) stakeholders. It is the first time that CONNECT organises such a meeting; we are looking forward to experimenting with this set-up!

We will keep you informed on the findings and results of this promising exchange of skills and knowledge!

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