CLGF Conference – Ensuring local governments are fit for the future

12 enero 2017

The 2017 Commonwealth Local Government Conference to be held in Valetta, Malta on 21–14 November 2017 will look at strategies for strengthening the resource base and capacity of local governments to improve performance and delivery and ensure they are fit for purpose and can take their role as part of a smart and competitive economy. 

Local governments all over the world face major challenges in planning, delivering and maintaining services and infrastructure in local communities. Many of these challenges stem from inadequate capacity and financial resources, in addition to insufficient legislative frameworks, which do not effectively decentralise the necessary powers and resources to the local level.
At a time of growing public demand for services, global commitment to meeting new targets for sustainable development, and massive population growth and movement due to conflict and natural disasters, local government resourcing and capacity is a universal issue; it is made more acute in situations when many central governments have introduced austerity programmes, and is a particular issue for the least developed and many small island developing states in the Commonwealth.
The 2017 CLGF Conference will bring together over 500 top local government officials, policy makers and stakeholders from across the world, including heads of government, ministers, mayors, councillors, city managers and partners from development agencies, the private sector, academia and  civil society.
Registration for the conference will soon open! Check out the conference website or send an e-mail to to find out more.
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