CUF Conference on territorial diplomacy with former French President F. Hollande

6 junio 2023

Cités Unies France, in partnership with PLATFORMA and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), is organising an exceptional conference on territorial diplomacy and the international action of local governments facing crises at the French National Assembly on Monday 3 July. François Hollande, former President of the French Republic, will open this conference.

The event will bring together leading figures, representatives of French and foreign local and regional governments, as well as representatives of humanitarian organisations, think tanks and university researchers, to discuss the role of local authorities in their external action, particularly in crisis situations.

Long considered to be a «reserved domain», «international diplomacy» has become, through the practice of decentralised cooperation, a growing prerogative at local level. There is an urgent need to give greater recognition and support to these «local diplomats» who are local elected representatives.

Territorial diplomacy refers to the efforts made by local governments to engage in international relations with other cities and regions of the world. This form of diplomacy is often motivated by a desire to get involved on an international scale to tackle global challenges such as climate change, economic development and social inequalities. It can take a variety of forms, such as establishing relations between sister cities, participating in international networks and organisations, organising international events and conferences, taking part in exchanges of best practice and know-how, and taking part in international solidarity actions.

All information on this conference on CUF website.

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