Discover DIBA’s institutional statement in support of decentralised cooperation

12 junio 2020

On the occasion of Europe Day, the plenary of the Barcelona Provincial Council adopted on 28 May 2020 an institutional statement that recognises the role of local governments in managing the COVID-19 crisis, which have built alliances both locally and internationally, broadening their vision, providing solutions and trust to the population.

It calls for the European Union’s commitment to citizenship and cohesion policy 2021-2027 to be strengthened and reiterates the commitment to maintain 0.7% of the budget of the Barcelona Provincial Council for development cooperation, with the desire to move from Europe towards a post-COVID-19 world that leaves no one behind.

More specifically, the statement reasserts the key role of international cooperation, and of decentralised development in particular, for its ability to generate debate, share experiences and jointly define common projects based on local strategies, all of which are of tremendous importance in the current scenario of uncertainty in which we find ourselves.

In this respect, Barcelona Provincial Council expresses its determination to continue fostering a citizenship that is mindful, critical and committed to human rights, peace, sustainability and democracy worldwide. It aims to put human life at the centre of political decisions, especially the lives of the most vulnerable, here and everywhere.

In addition, the institutional statement confirms the need to commit to the pledge of the 2030 Agenda to leave no one behind and understand that without global responses there will be no local solutions, and that the pandemic cannot be contained if it is not stopped in every region in the world. The statement closes by claiming that “We need to emerge from this crisis with greater strength, solidarity and willingness to cooperate. This is the Europe and the world that we want and aspire to”.

Read the full institutional statement.

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