Best Practice Forum “Smart City Investment” in Mongolia

As part of the activities of the Friendship project, NALAS with its partner from Darkan-Uul Province Municipality (Mongolia), the University of Life Science and stakeholders from National and Provincial Government, will organise the Best Practice Fora “Cities of tomorrow” and “Smart City Investment” in Mongolia.

The 1st forum, will be held in Darkhan City from 14-17 June and the 2nd one from 29-30 June. The events will be attended by representatives of the National Government Secretariat of Mongolia, top municipal leaders/governors from provinces from 21 provinces (aimags), executives from ministries, the Central Soum Governors of the provinces, academicians, NALAS-delegation members from EU Member States and candidate countries, the Friendship Project team, and business representatives.

The IDEF Best Practice Forum (IDEF stands for Inter-regional Darkhan & EU Forum), is composed of one executive and five topic related sub-committees in the areas of Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Green Development – e-Governance – Technology &Start-ups and Skills & Employment.

The Best Practice Forum is specifically aimed at enhancing the knowledge of executive and sub-committee members and to enable them to be updated on existing best practices in various topics. The best practices will be drawn from all over the world with key national and international experts imparting knowledge on topics surrounding the priority areas above-mentioned.

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