Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine | Sharing green solutions at the local level in Lithuania

13 octubre 2022

Sharing solutions on waste management, water management systems and energy efficiency in municipalities was at the core of a 3-day study visit organised by the Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania (ALAL) between 19 & 22 September 2022. Delegations of local government  associations from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine discovered various green solutions in Lithuania.

Organised in the framework of the PLATFORMA Eastern Partnership programme, this study visit kicked off with an opening event where the Director of ALAL Roma Zakaitiene expressed readiness to continue organising exchanges on good practices among municipalities.

Other introductory speakers were Bella Tskhelishvili, PLATFORMA Officer on Eastern Partnership, and Ieva Andriulaityte, ALAL Head of Brussels Office.

Seminar on green solutions

Representatives from the Lithuanian ministry of environment explained participants how the recycling culture changed in Lithuania after a few years of awareness raising campaigns, how budgets and fees are organised to manage the recycling of daily waste, or how the central government coordinates with municipalities to increase energy efficiency in residential houses. 

These presentations on waste, water and energy efficiciency management in Lithuanian municipalities raised a large interest among participants and were followed by meaningful discussions.

Field visit to Vilnius Regional Waste Management Centre

This was followed by a visit of Vilnius Regional Waste Management Centre where solid waste is processed. For example, how waste wood materials are transformed – they are shredded and then used to make different modified wood materials. Participants also learnt about the Vilnius practice of recycling car tires: they are not burned anymore but crushed and used to make different materials containing plastics. This centre is used as a construction waste warehouse, where citizens bring small construction waste every day.

Elektrenai municipality

On the second day, participants were hosted by Elekrikai municipality, 48 km from the Capital. The «town of electricity» is one of the newest municipalities in Lithuania, founded in 2000. It was initially established in 1960 during the Soviet period as the living space for workers of the nearby power plant. After several presentations on the municipalitie’s «policies and strategies for local green solutions», participants visited the waste water management centre, the modern water supply provider and energy-efficient buildings.

Overall, the study visit generated a lot of interest and organisers now consider organising follow-up activities.

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