“Global Goals, Local Focus” for the 2030 Agenda

1 mayo 2016
The Association of Flemish Municipalities and Towns (VVSG) hosted their international partners for a conference in Antwerp on 27 May. With a focus on the localization of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Agenda 2030, partners from around the world shared their experiences and new approaches.
In the opening session on the global challenges, the EU approach (Jos Delbeke, Director General of European Commission DG Climate action), the Flemish quest to reconcile local and global (Mark Suykens, VVSG Director) as the practice on the field in partner countries (Jo-Ann Krieger, Witzenberg Municipality, South Africa) where brought together.
CEMR contributed with a work session on the Covenant of Mayors Sub Sahara Africa. PLATFORMA contributed to a debate on new forms of international cooperation for local governments (link to photo gallery).
The highlight of the conference was a mayors’ debate and signing of a charter to localize the global goals in each municipality, to tackle global challenges from the local level.
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