It’s time to play to Getxotik

1 febrero 2017


The International Cooperation Department of the municipality of Getxo (Basque Country, Spain) has created a “serious game” with a double objective: to sensitise the citizens and to get to know the different non-governmental organisations of the city.
Getxotik is a “serious point-and-click game” based on dynamics of searching and deduction from 8 years old. The game is structured in four main areas: education, water, production and medicine. All the areas are related to the principle sectors of intervention of the NGOs.
In each scenario, the player has to discover some objects to help local NGOs of Getxo to prepare a humanitarian package aid – this is providing an international context to each problem and also underlining the importance of rights and gender. That’s the reason why the main character is a girl, who gives information around the game focusing on the gender situation around the world.
All this process has been built with the participation of Getxo´s NGOs, and also with the advice of different departments of the Council of Getxo, and finally with the excellent job done by Flying Dodos company.
The game is available in Basque, Spanish and English!
From Getxo to the world
Getxo is a city of the Basque Country with a population near to 80.000 inhabitants. It is located in the estuary of Bilbao. “From Getxo to the World and from the World to Getxo”, is the main slogan of the International Cooperation Area of the municipality, and also the main goal of its decentralised cooperation policy. Getxo is a “Fair Trade City” since 2012, the first of the Basque Country with Bilbao. It is also a member of Euskal Fondoa (the Association of local authorities from the Basque country for international cooperation).
Getxo is a reference in decentralised cooperation in the Basque Country since the council allocates 0,7% of its budget to development cooperation.
Last November, Getxo took part to the first European Days of Local Solidarity (EDLS) coordinated by PLATFORMA.
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