Joint Declaration by PLATFORMA and the LADDER Consortium: The new European Neighbourhood Policy needs greater recognition of local and regional governments

19 febrero 2016

In reaction to the Joint Communication published by the European Commission  on the revised European Neighbourhood Policy, PLATFORMA and the LADDER Consortioum call for:

-The involvement of local and regional governments in the identification of priorities and in the implementation and evaluation of policies launched under the bilateral action plans.

-The strengthening of the decentralisation processes already taking place across the neighbourhood as the best means to build institutional accountability and effectively tackle corruption.

-The recognition of the role that cooperation between cities and regions can play in view of achieving the policy’s objectives, by boosting the capacities of LRGs in partner countries in such areas as integration of migrants, local economic development, and climate adaptation.

-The promotion of democratic reform and European fundamental values in the neighbourhood to remain the policy’s backbone.

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