Keeping track of AN^MAR Forum

30 marzo 2021

Famsi and AN^MAR Federation just released a publication on the 4th edition of the «Andalusia-Morocco» AN^MAR Forum which took place last year in Seville, with the subtitle «A bridge of decentralised cooperation between Europe and Africa».

This publication gathers the content and context, the background and the framework of action, the conclusions and the final declaration, as well as the technical sheets of the working sessions and the summary of the interventions of the participants.

The IV Forum AN^MAR «Andalusia-Morocco» was a meeting place between more than 120 municipalities and local communities of northern Morocco and Andalusia to address issues of common interest within the framework of cooperation between the two territories, share experiences and good practices in local public management and propose common development strategies.

This Forum was not only a space for reflection on cooperation between Andalusian and Moroccan local governments, but it also incorporated the perspective of triangular and south-south cooperation and the necessary rapprochement between Europe and Africa, in highlighting Andalusia as a bridge between the two continents.

The publication is available in French, Spanish and Arabic.

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