More than 4 million inhabitants in French-speaking cities will benefit from 10 projects financed by AIMF

10 mayo 2023

The Bureau of the International Association of French-speaking Mayors (AIMF) voted on 28 April at Paris City Hall in favour of €1.2 million in grants to 10 projects led by its member cities (4 new projects and 6 follow-up projects). These projects are focusing on climate, gender equality and services to citizens.

These grants contribute to an overall investment of €9.2 million in the territories thanks to the mobilisation of the beneficiary cities and partners.

In total, more than 4 million inhabitants of French-speaking cities will benefit from these actions implemented by the cities of Benin, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cameroon, Laos, Mauritius and Mauritania.

Three of the four new projects are part of the EU-AIMF Strategic Partnership and will be co-financed in this framework.

Discover more about the 10 selected projects on AIMF website.

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