NALAS will participate at the Enlargement Day 2024

15 marzo 2024

Invited by the Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External Affairs (CIVEX) of the Committee of the Regions, NALAS will participate actively in the upcoming Enlargement Day (29-30 April) in Brussels.

The new NALAS President, to be elected during NALAS General Assembly in Bar, Montenegro (18-19 April), will address the plenary in the 1st session dedicated to «Local and regional authorities in the enlargement process». Besides, NALAS will be involved in the 2nd session on “Public administration reform and fiscal decentralisation” presenting “Best practice in fiscal decentralisation” with emphasis on the results of the latest (10th edition) Fiscal Decentralisation Report for South-East Europe.

Earlier this year, NALAS contributed in his function of consultative entity to the CIVEX Commission its recommendations for the drafting of the CoR opinion on the EU Commission’s Enlargement Package 2023 with focus on the role of Local and Regional Authorities in:

  • Programming and monitoring the EU financial assistance to Western Balkans 6
  • Managing migration challenges
  • Responding to key challenges of green and digital transition
  • Setting up JCCs in remaining countries of Western Balkans
  • Growth Plan & Finance Facility.

Registration link and programme on the website of the Committee of the Regions

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