Now published: new study on financing decentralised development cooperation

29 mayo 2019

What options do local and regional governments in EU Member States have for finding national or regional funding for decentralised development cooperation? Find a full overview of national and regional financing mechanisms for decentralised development cooperation in this newly published study.

VNG International, with the support of PLATFORMA, has just published «A concise overview – How EU Member States’ national and regional programmes support local governments’ development activities in partner countries», based on an extensive set of case studies per country.

A concise overview

The publication dives into the question of how EU Member States (and closely associated countries) stimulate local governments with dedicated funds for decentralised development cooperation. The publication provides an overviews of these national and regional funding mechanisms. The research departed from our strong feeling that while a lot of activity is taking place in some member states, others still have few or no programmes or funding instruments for decentralised development cooperation, or that the options are decreasing.

By means of this research, for the purpose of which we have surveyed local government associations and regional governments in 26 European countries, this assumption can now be supported. You are kindly invited to read the study and see in which countries national financing programmes for decentralised development cooperation exist, in which countries local governments can sometimes apply to CSO funding mechanisms, and in which countries there are no programmes that fund decentralised development cooperation.

Annex: case studies

The ‘Annex: case studies’» forms an integral part of the main publication. The Annex provides an extensive set of 24 case studies per country or region. The main publication regularly refers to the Annex by means of links in footnotes. However, the ‘Annex: case studies’ is also an interesting research on its own, to use as a reference work or database.

This publication has been made possible thanks to a wealth of information provided by the partners of PLATFORMA and other local government associations and regional governments throughout Europe.

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A concise overview
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