Paris and Rangoon: a unique partnership to sustainably frame urban development

6 febrero 2017

In Rangoon (Burma), the incoherent multiplication of skyscrapers endangers the natural landscape and unique South-East Asian heritage. To address these major urban planning and management issues, Rangoon’s authorities and technical services are expecting references, tools and feedback, to sustainably frame and direct the development of the city. 

In August 2016, Mr. Phy Min Thein, Rangoon’s Chief Minister signed a friendship and cooperation pact in Paris, aiming at further exchanges on urban development and citizen participation between the two cities. As such, the cooperation between Paris and Rangoon stands out as a unique partnership between the two local authorities that is pointing towards experience sharing and dialogue.
Faced with rapid urbanization, Rangoon suffers from the devastating effects of real-estate and demographic pressures, combined with increasing congestion problems, a lack of adequate urban services and a considerable housing crisis. The urban crisis is especially high because of the concentration of historical and iconic buildings.
A first urban workshop was held between the 1st and 3rd of November. It gathered experts around three themes: issues around the urban landscape and outline, statutory tools and project management.
As an outcome to these exchanges, the Chief Minister recalled the importance and relevance of sharing this sort of knowledge between the two cities. A triennial cooperation programme (2017-2019) is currently being planned and will combine a strengthening of capacities and pilot project.

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