The PLATFORMA family welcomes three new partners!

29 junio 2020

On 25 June, PLATFORMA welcomed three new partners during an Extraordinary meeting of the Political Council. Those are the Brussels-Capital Region (Belgium), and the Land of Lower Saxony and the City of Dortmund in Germany.

Pascal Smet, State Secretary in charge of international relations at Brussels-Capital Region, explained that the regions was particularly active on urban resilience in four partner regions: Kinshasa (Congo DR), Rabat (Morocco), Chennai (India) and Paramaribo (Suriname).

Clemens Lammerskitten, Member of the Landtag of Lower Saxony, stressed that the region «has maintained friendly, international relationships with states and regions worldwide for many years.» Several partnerships exist with regions in Europe, Russia, China and Japan, but also in South Africa with the Eastern Cape Province. There is also a project partnership with Tanzania.

Claudia Schütz, responsible for International Relations and Sustainable Development at the City of Dortmund stressed that «international orientation is an essential component of sustainable local politics facing global challenges». She stressed that the City of Dortmund signed the resolution «2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Building Sustainability at the Local Level» of the German Association of Cities. The city has many partnerships and sister cities all over the globe. Ullrich Sierau, the Mayor of Dortmund until September 2020, has already represented PLATFORMA at several key events such as the HLPF last year.

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