Ready to shape the new generation of city-to-city cooperation?

21 noviembre 2016

The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR) is looking for an expert to support the elaboration of a Research Study on “Shaping a new generation of decentralised cooperation”. The deadline for applications is 27 November. 

Our partner CPMR will shortly start its “Research Studies and Policy Briefs” activities foreseen within “PLATFORMA Strategic Partnership” with the European Commission. The first study will deal with “Shaping a new generation of decentralised cooperation for enhanced effectiveness and accountability”.
The Research Study should have a think-tank approach and draw upon the practices and experience by CPMR regions and other PLATFORMA partners through development cooperation projects with third country peers. It should also outline a set of concrete recommendations.
Both individuals and Non-Governmental Organizations, research institutions, association legally constituted, or experienced small or medium sized consultancy agencies are eligible for this call.
  • Consultations (online/phone) and brainstorming meeting with CPMR regions, PLATFORMA members and other relevant partners.
  • Research paper (first draft and final), including Executive Summary.
  • Contribution to the conceptualisation of the public presentation event.
Deadline for applications, 27 November 2016
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