SALAR | Platform for partnership with Ukrainian cities and municipalities

3 noviembre 2022

SALAR has created a new platform for partnerships with municipalities in Ukraine under the «United for Ukraine» initiative. The partnerships is envisioned to provide help to communities during wartime, assist to rebuild Ukraine’s cities, towns and villages after the war and help hromadas to develop their potential in a long term perspective.

The SALAR Decentralisation Support Project (DSP) has supported the decentralisation of government in Ukraine since 2015. During 2022 in the project has had to adopt to the changed context due to the unprovoked Russian invasion.

The platform has its own team in Ukraine that supports the partnerships to be set up and to spread good examples, methods and knowledge. Please visit the platforms webpage for more information on the partnership opportunities. European municipalities and regions that are interested in knowing more are also welcome to contact the team in Ukraine or Magnus Liljeström ( at SALAR International.

(Picture: drawing by Maria Prymachenko)

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