SOLIDAE, the new call for international projects of the City of Paris

1 noviembre 2016

The City of Paris launches this fall the first edition of its call for projects SOLIDAE – International Solidarity, Waste, Sanitation and Water. With this new tool, Paris strengthens its international solidarity actions (decentralised cooperation projects and emergency aid) to build a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable world. You can apply until December 6.


SOLIDAE at the heart of two devices for access to essential services:


  • The device «1% water and sanitation»: created in 2005, it allows the creation of infrastructures, implementation of awareness-raising campaigns for the populations on hygiene and the building of institutional structures, essential to the sustainability of services in place.
  • The device «1% waste»: established in June 2015, it provides financial support to sustainable management projects of household waste.
Why this new call for projects?
In terms of health, economic, social and environment, access to water and sanitation are both fundamental human rights intimately linked. Two vital issues to which the City of Paris is strongly attached. Support for the waste sector is also a priority for Paris.
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