Strengthening links between the French authorities and South Korean

1 mayo 2016

South Korea is in the spotlight in bilateral relations on the occasion of the France-Korea Year 2015-2016. Cités Unies France (CUF), in conjunction with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, lists currently around ten Franco-Korean partnerships, but several local and regional authorities are seeking partners and are interested in building closer links with their South Korean counterparts. The 7th Forum of the international action of local authorities organized on 4 and 5 July at the Paris Palais des Congrès will be an additional opportunity to establish future collaborations.
Indeed, the Governors association of Korea «Gaok«, partner of Cités Unies France, will be present at the South Korea pavilion. Gaok is the relay association of European influence of Korean local governments. It plays an important role in animating communities from the South Korean Embassy in France.
The session “viewpoints on the Franco-Korean cooperation” will highlight the specificities and major differences in the organization of the two countries and to know more about the achievements and future expectations of the communities.
The whole event is an opportunity for all communities to learn more about the working arrangements with that country. Korean culture will also be very present at the Forum. Finally, the ability to create monitoring bodies of these actions are being studied and Cités Unies France, as Gaok, is working on the emergence of working groups.
More broadly, the Forum will address the international relations of local authorities. Several conferences are organized in partnership with PLATFORMA, one is on the eastern neighborhood.

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