The summer camp organised by Siauliai District municipality impressed the children of Dolyna municipality

29 agosto 2022

On 8 August, the 10-day summer camp for Dolyna Municipality (Ukraine), organised by the Siauliai District Municipality, came to an end. 36 children from Dolyna municipality, accompanied by 4 adult educators, camped in a children’s summer camp near Lake Elongatis in Svencionys district and by the sea in Melnrage.
Children from Dolyna municipality camped from 29 July to 5 August in the «Sunny Krantas» camp near Lake Elongatis in Svencionys district. Here, the Ukrainians, together with other campers, participated in various activities, sports competitions and educational activities. As many of the children were visiting Lithuania for the first time, their camp manager Greta organised study trips to Trakai, Kernave and Vilnius for the Dolyna delegation.

For three more days, the Ukrainians camped by the sea in Melnrage, enjoyed the beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea and visited Klaipeda. On the way from the camp in Svencionys district to the camp on the seaside in Melnrage, the Ukrainians went to Siauliai district – they really wanted to see the most beautiful and famous places in Siauliai district as well as meet its leaders.

A cross for Ukraine to win the war
First of all, the Ukrainian bus went to visit the world-famous Hill of Crosses, located in the Siauliai district. Impressed and surprised by one of the most famous and visited sacred place in Lithuania, the Ukrainians erected a cross on the Hill of Crosses for Ukraine to win the war. In this delegation were children whose parents are fighting or have died in the brutal war that is ravaging their country.
The Ukrainians came to Kursenai, to Laurynas Ivinskis Square, wearing traditional national clothes – «vysyvankas». The children from the town of Dolyna and their educators Victor Yatskiv, Olha Listkova, Iryna Krekhovetska, Mariana Boberska were welcomed by the mayor of the Siauliai district municipality Antanas Bezaras, his deputy Ceslovas Spartas and his deputy Rita Zadeikyte.

Mayor Antanas Bezaras spoke briefly about the Siauliai district, the guests presented the mayor with their drawings on the theme of friendship between Ukraine and Lithuania, which they created during their stay in the «Saules Bank» camp.

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Photos by Rita Zadeikyte (more photos on the Facebook page of Siauliai district municipality)

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