Wanted! Public works equipment

20 noviembre 2016

Sokone commune in Senegal is looking for public works material – even second-hand one – to improve public services for its population: a packer vehicle for waste collection, an excavator, a lifting crane and a tractor. 

All European local and regional authorities that could help Sokone commune can contact Gorgui Barro, Sokone councilor and chairman of the Environment and Management of Natural Resources Committee: +221 77 068 27 62 or +221 77 576 19 30 or  by e-mail georges.68@hotmail.fr.
The town can support the cost of delivery and customs clearance.
We met at the Barro Climate Chance summit in Nantes: our video.
Find other projects of the town of Sokone – «Green, Attractive, Inclusive and Prosperous» – on its website.
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