Call for participants – Training module for public service delivery with an integrated territorial approach in the Mediterranean

7 marzo 2018

The CPMR and its Intermediterranean Commission (IMC), in collaboration with the expert Mr Federico Martire, are developing a pilot training module for public service delivery with a territorial integrated approach in the Mediterranean. This action falls within the framework of “Southern Neighbourhood Activities” under the “PLATFORMA Strategic Partnership Agreement” with the European Commission. Deadline 9 March!

After the survey developed in 2017 and our internal exchanges with the expert, we are pleased to confirm you that the manual is almost ready and the training session will be organised in the delegation of the Region Occitania in Morocco, located in Casablanca on the  11/12 April 2018. This training will be organized “back to back” with a meeting of the Intermediterranean Commission Moroccan Regions that will be open also to new potential Moroccan members (this specific meeting will be held on 11 April in the morning).

The training will be free of charge for participants, but the number of places will be necessarily limited due to the format of the event itself. Given the focus of the training, special attention will be given to participants from Tunisia and Morocco, but it will of course be opened to participants from the rest of the Mediterranean and to the representatives of Platforma and other partner networks.

In this perspective we are pleased to provide you the following information:

Here below you can find some relevant details on the training that will help you understand better the target and how to apply.

  1. Duration: The training will last 1,5 days from 11 April in the afternoon (14.30 approx. ) until 12 April in the afternoon (at 18.00 approx.). We will send to the selected participants all the logistic information.
  2. Type of training/dynamic: it will mix frontal presentations of the contents included in the manual, sharing of best practices, debates and interactive/participatory exercises in group. A possible field visit is also under definition as a part of the training.
  3. Language: The training session will be held mainly in French, even if the first frontal sessions will also count on simultaneous interpretation in English. For the rest of the training that will be mostly based on participatory dynamics the organization is evaluating the possibility to organize the interactive groups based on the language skills of the participants or grant a support of an interpreter (EN-FR) per group in order to facilitate the comprehension. This will be defined after the selection of the participants.
  4. Who can apply/Profile of participants ? any officer, expert or political representative from local or regional authorities (LRAs) of the Mediterranean.
  5. How to apply? please send your short CV before 9 March 2018 to in a message with the object “TRAINING ITD PLATFORMA-CPMR” or replying to this email. The organization will confirm the selection to the candidates between 6 and 9 March 2018.
  6. Criteria for selection of candidates (upon exhaustion of places):
    1. Comply with the profile described at point 4: be an officer, expert or politician from a Mediterranean LRA. Exceptions will be possibly made based on the global availability of places (e.g. other profiles of participants working in any case in sectors or entities linked to territorial development or in close relation with LRA, such as centres of research or universities).
    2. Global balance of participants from the Mediterranean countries and different authorities, in relation with the objective of the training. Priority will be given to participants from Tunisia and Morocco, but a quota of participants will be reserved also for other countries bordering the Mediterranean. The organization will also evaluate, in case of interest, eventual applications coming from candidates belonging from other areas of Europe.
  • Relevance of the CV to the training and language proficiency (average understanding of French compulsory. Average understanding of English is an added value).
  1. Materials: once selected, the participants will receive the full version of the training manual and be able to prepare for the session.
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