Global solidarity is a local issue

9 noviembre 2016

Poverty eradication, fighting against climate change or defending human rights… European cities and regions are actively engaged in global solidarity and they want to let their citizens know about it! To this end, the first edition of the European Days of Local Solidarity (EDLS) will take place from 12 to 24 November in 7 places in France, Italy, Latvia & Spain. 

The European Days of Local Solidarity are a pan-European initiative launched by PLATFORMA’s network of towns, cities and regions of Europe active in international development cooperation, in close cooperation with Barcelona Province (Diputació Barcelona). This initiative aims to support and promote local and regional governments’ actions on decentralised cooperation (i.e. city-to-city and region-to-region development cooperation). It should also raise awareness on development challenges.
Cities and regions are the closest level of government to citizens. They are the perfect arena to rally citizens’ voices and promote global solidarity! Closely linked to the new global development agenda (Sustainable development goals), the European Days of Local Solidarity will promote a wide range of activities organised at the local level around Europe identifying them with a common logo.
PLATFORMA invites all European cities and regions to be part of this initiative by promoting awareness-raising activities in their territories and opening their doors to participatory and open discussions around local and global solidarity.
Let’s discover the activities of the first European Days of Local Solidarity here, share on Twitter with hashtag #localsolidaritydays and the EDLS Facebook page.


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