New Mayors and Aldermen should use the Global Goals as a compass

11 marzo 2022

VNG has appealed to the new local councils to be formed this spring to use the Global Goals as a compass for the coming four years (and beyond). This is also a call for VNG international peers to do the same!

The efforts of municipalities are indispensable for the transition to a sustainable world and for working towards broad prosperity for everyone. Upcoming municipal elections are a good time to make a difference and give the Global Goals a place in new policy. Municipal administrators or councilors can play an important role in this.

Use the Global Goals as a guiding framework

We are faced with major and urgent tasks: the energy transition, sustainable economic recovery, the reduction of poverty and inequality, the housing task and more. The 17 Global Goals, also known as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), form the global agenda with an integrated perspective on sustainability. For the future and in the here and now. The Netherlands Association of Municipalities (VNG) calls on municipalities to use the municipal elections as an excellent opportunity to (more firmly) use the goals and the associated practical targets as a compass for municipal efforts to achieve a coherent, sustainable policy. And in collaboration with companies, social organisations and citizens. Choose the future: use the Global Goals (also) as a guiding framework for sustainability and broad prosperity in the new coalition agreements!

Call to new councils of Mayors and Aldermen all over the globe

VNG urges its international peers to join the initiative and to call on to be formed councils to opt for the future by:

  • Letting the pursuit of broad sustainability (social, economic and physical domain) to be the guiding principle in determining the policy program for the coming years;
  • To hereby use the Global Goals established by the UN as a frame of reference1, in line with the designation of your municipality as a Global Goals municipality;
  • Subsequently, also to (continue to) exchange knowledge with (international) peers, so that we as a growing ‘community of practice’ can strengthen and inspire each other to have as much impact as possible together.


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