Quality education is the basis for the sustainable development of society

6 julio 2020

On June 18, a discussion seminar “Quality education for all – the basis for sustainable development of society” took place in Jaunpils (Latvia), this time dedicated to the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 4 – Quality education.  The concept of quality education as a basis for the sustainable development of society was discussed in the seminar both from the point of view of professionals in the field of education and experts from other fields.

Opening the seminar, Chairman of the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments (LALRG) Gints Kaminskis emphasized: “Teachers, experts and professionals in other fields, as well as politicians must do their work qualitatively and professionally, and education is the basis of it all. We need to make sure that industry professionals work in their specialty, including educators.” Ligita Gintere, Chairwoman of Jaunpils Municipality Council, as well as Ilga Šuplinska, Minister of Education and Science of Latvia, also addressed the opening of the seminar.

Minister of Education and Science Ilga Šuplinska Dr.philol. spoke about modern, contemporary education in the acceleration of Covid-19. After the presentation, Adviser of the LALRG on Education and Culture and Moderator of the Seminar In?ra Dundure emphasized that quality education must be available to all learners, regardless of their socio-economic status. Today, we need to think more and more actively than ever about changing and improving the process of organizing lessons, as well as integrating digital tools into the learning process.

Senior adviser of the LALRG M?ris P??isDr.phys., Dr.oec., spoke about quality education as a basis for sustainable development of society through various sustainability perspectives. Gunta L?ceDr. math., director of Limbaži Municipality Gymnasium, shared his practical experience in the work of teachers who told about the role of teachers in the changing learning situation, comparing the work of a teacher with the profession of an actor, which can be assessed from various aspects.

Sanita Madal?neDr. paed., the director of Sala Municipality Secondary School, continued the narrative from practical perspective of teachers. She spoke about the mission of the high school and the great responsibility in rural areas. In turn, Baiba Rasa, a public relations specialist of Jaunpils Municipality Council, shared her inspiring experience from work with young people in Jaunpils, which is one of the most active in the implementation of sustainable development goals among the local governments of Latvia.

At the end of the seminar, In?ra Dundure thanked the participants of the seminar for their valuable and versatile experience and emphasized the importance of mutual cooperation between the various parties involved.

The quality of education is not abstract, but is closely related to the growth potential of our country and each administrative territory. The state needs a high-quality education system and public understanding of the regularities of the economy. If the country’s strategic economic policy goal is still to raise the level of prosperity, then there is no other way to achieve it, only by producing high value-added products. Such products can only be created and developed by highly qualified and educated people.

The seminar was organized by the LALRG with Jaunpils Municipality within the framework of the European Commission co-financed project “Working together towards empowering local and regional governments for enhanced governance and  more effective development outcomes in EU partner countries”.

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