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5 marzo 2018

The Majorcan Fund for Solidarity and Cooperation (Fons Mallorquí) presents a new raising awareness program in collaboration with two Majorcan municipal radio stations and one from Nicaragua.

This is an initiative designed to open new channels of communication between the twinned municipalities of Majorca and Nicaragua, with the collaboration and involvement of the Municipal Radio of Artà, a town twinned with the municipality of Totogalpa and Titoieta Ràdio, the municipal radio of Algaida, a town twinned with Ciudad Antigua.

In Nicaragua, the partner channel is Radio Segovia, located in the municipality of Ocotal (Nueva Segovia). It is a radio station based on the principles of community radios and it presents socioeconomic, environmental, health and gender related issues, through its programme grid. Likewise, it allocates a space to discuss about development projects promoted by the Majorcan Fund, trough the voice of partner organizations and communities.

Thanks to this project, these contents will be shared on Majorcan radios, with the creation of an information space about development cooperation, while direct communication will be established between twinned municipalities.

The project also plans to promote awareness campaigns through the municipal radios of Mallorca and Nicaragua, like the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the framework of the cooperation projects of the Majorcan Fund.

Finally, this new radio space, which will begin to emit in March, will allow the Majorcan civil society to know details of the cooperation projects financed by their municipalities.

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