The Belgian city of Kortrijk wants to exchange on environment & climate with an African partner municipality

11 octubre 2021

The city of Kortrijk in Belgium is looking for a partner to start up its new international cooperation on the theme of ‘green in the city’. Check the detailed description of Kortrijk’s expectations.

Is your city also committed to working together on this? If so, please send them a letter of motivation by 22 November, covering the following aspects: 

  • Some practical matters: 
    • Contact details of the permanent contact person 
    • Information about the city (location, demographics, characteristics of local government, etc.)
  • What steps has your city already taken to become a green city?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses in that regard? 
  • What are your future plans that have something to do with the theme? 
  • Are there any civil society organisations working to make the city greener? If so, which ones and what do they do? 
  • In what way do you see possibilities for cooperation? 
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