The Eastern Partnership Equality and Women’s Solidarity Forum in 8 quotes

12 junio 2023

Following the impressive rates of adoption of the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine during the past few years, PLATFORMA organised the ‘Eastern Partnership Equality and Women’s Solidarity Forum’ in Tbilisi (Georgia) and online on 5 June.

Gender aspects of the EU accession process, acquis communautaire meets action at the local level

“Gender equality is one of the most important priorities for Georgia. Without Local and regional governments it would be impossible to implement national action plans.” –  Eliso Shonia, Deputy Head of the Human Rights Secretariat of the Government Administration, Georgia

“Full equality is still far. Women are under-represented in leadership in all sectors, in Moldova we have 22% women mayors. This is why CALM’s Women’s Network builds capacities of elected women at local level by organising peer-to-peer support for women mayors in their first mandate and working with women in the local public administration” –  Irina Luncasu, Project Coordinator, Congress of Local Authorities from Moldova (CALM)


Exploratory exchange on “Women for peace and solidarity” initiative

“Local elected women are a catalysing power for peace and solidarity in regions across the globe that are facing conflict and crisis.” – Jaimie Just, CEMR Policy Adviser on Gender equality & diversity

“It is not easy to be a woman leader, women are discriminated against. However, women’s role in society is just as important as that of men.” – Violeta Crudu, Mayor of Cruzești, Moldova

“We want a different society; we need a socially just and safe society for women. We have to come together across our differences, we are united in the issues that are important to us.” – Sonja Lokar, Gender equality expert

“From any point of view, we are against violence and should act to encourage peace culture. It is up to us to advocate for dialogue and mediation, to share with other women. We need to own these conflicts.” – Josefina Velásquez Correa, President of the Association of Council women and Mayors of Bolivia (Acobol)

“Facing war and crisis, the women in Ukraine have woken up. Residents turn to local authorities and the women who are volunteering their time to organise daily life during conflict, they know how to make good decisions when there are no rules on how to behave.” – Nataliya Kholchenkova, Head of International Relations of Chernihiv City, Ukraine, PLATFORMA spokesperson

“Young women who are internally displaced persons in Georgia have problems with dignified housing, for example they are living in densely populated apartments. Our role is to study these women’s needs, to reinforce their integration in the society, and to support them in different projects and activities.” – Magda Kostava, Chair of the Gender Equality Council of Kutaisi Municipality, Georgia, member of CEMR young elected officials committee

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