The European Parliament calls for major reforms in ACP-EU relations after 2020

1 octubre 2016

The Cotonou Agreement between the African, Caribbean and Pacific States and the EU needs to be reformed in order to improve its effectiveness, MEPs said in a resolution adopted this month in Plenary.
MEPs call for a new legally binding framework that focuses on global development goals, human rights and enhances regional cooperation.  The report adopted sticks to the messages promoted by PLATFORMA, especially on an enhanced participation of local and regional governments for improved governance and democracy – one of the main objectives of the Partnership Agreement.
“This report is a sound basis for a new partnership that offers a strong and effective structure. It is all the more important for human rights, where political dialogue was not very effective in the past. In a new agreement this should be strengthened. This would serve the interest of all participating nations”, said the rapporteur Norbert Neuser MEP (S&D, Germany) before the final vote. The non-binding resolution was adopted with 489 votes to 146 with 37 abstentions.
Sustainable Development Goals must be placed at the heart of a new agreement with proper monitoring and accountability mechanisms, MEPs stressed. Tailored regional agreements are also vital for effective cooperation. These should take into account existing regional organisations and strategies, they added.
The agreement beyond 2020 must leave behind the donor-recipient mentality and promote the principle of ownership. Good governance needs to be a crucial element of future relations along with an improved monitoring of human rights.

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