CLGF organised its Month of Mentoring!

6 septembre 2021

The Month of Mentoring is a key initiative of the Commonwealth Women in Local Government network (ComWLG) organised in August. It aimed to highlight the role of mentoring as a tool to increase the representation of women in local government.

There are a number of initiatives to help improve technical skills and build capacity, but relatively little to encourage women to stand for public office; and, once they take on the role, provide support in undertaking their role as local leaders. 

Why is it important?

Research commissioned by CLGF (to be published at the end of the Month of Mentoring) clearly demonstrates the importance of mentoring and its impact on empowering women to have a greater role in the planning and decision-making of our communities.

As a prelude, CLGF held two webinars on mentoring, featuring a number of experts, practitioners and stakeholders. Catch up on the webinars and hear what women ‘in the know’ have to say:

For more information:

Documents utiles

A Review of Mentoring Programmes for Women’s Political Advancement and Leadership
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