Fostering municipalities’ development potential in Albania

15 mars 2022

NALAS has completed the first phase of the evaluation of the grant applications from Albanian Municipalities in the framework of the EU for Municipalities Project in Albania. Out of 37 applications 13 have been preselected and invited to submit a full application within April 2022. In this call for proposals, a total grant of about €1.1 million is expected to be awarded to up to 7 municipalities.

The project aims at fostering municipalities’ development potential and improving the socio-economic and environmental conditions of local communities in Albania via a grant scheme for Albanian municipalities and a targeted technical assistance component. As a result, the EU4M investment grants will tackle the fields of local public infrastructure and services, local economic development, innovation, job creation, environmental protection and youth empowerment.

The EU for Municipalities Project is funded by the EU and is implemented by NALAS, in partnership with its Albanian member Local Government Associations and two other local partners.

In the framework of this project, NALAS will organise a Networking Meeting between Municipal EU officials from Albania with peers from South-East Europe to share lessons learned and exchange good practices in sustainable development and EU funding management.

(Photo by Vytas on Unsplash)

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