(H)ABIAN 2030 | The Basque education strategy for social transformation launches its new website

2 octobre 2023

The Basque Education Strategy for Social Transformation (H)ABIAN 2030 launches the new website www.habian-2030.eus. It collects all the information related to the strategy, as well as educational actions for social transformation and pedagogical material prepared by the entities that are part of it. In addition, it also provides entities that want to join the documentation and information necessary to do so.

In 2017, several Basque public institutions, NGOs, social organisations and movements and educational centers in Euskadi committed to carrying out educational initiatives that would help build a society based on human rights and equality, with links in Euskadi and other territories.

Today there are 18 entities that are part of (H)ABIAN 2030, and throughout these six years they have held film festivals, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, guides and manuals or communication actions in the formal and non-formal educational field that can be found through www.habian-2030.eus.

In addition to the commitment to carry out educational actions that accompany people and groups to transform societies, the strategy aims to promote continuous learning and show the interdependence between what happens in our environment and what happens in other distant places, but with those of us who share similar challenges.

How to join the strategy

The entities that subscribe to (H)ABIAN 2030 by sending a signed document subscribing to the eight commitments included in the strategy: promoting education for social transformation; promote critical, participatory and socio-affective pedagogies; incorporate the rights approach as a key element in their pedagogical proposals; promote interdependence and connection between different realities; assume co-responsibility for building the strategy; promote continuous learning; share their experiences and learnings to improve and participate in monitoring and evaluation commissions.

On the new website there is a section from which to download the document and instructions for joining.

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