ICLD’s updates | Gender based violence, partnership and social inclusion

29 avril 2021

Champion of local democracy, Adelina Mwau Ndeto, combat gender based violence

In order to combat gender based violence, the whole of society must be involved. The province of Makueni in southeastern Kenya has shown that it is possible – not least through the pioneering work of Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau Ndeto. We are happy to highlight her in our series of personal portraits of people who are playing a significant role in the development of local democracy where they live.

More information here. 

ICLD launches a partnership with nine universities in Southern Africa

The aim of this deepened collaboration between ICLD and research institutions that are located in partnering countries is to enhance the links between researchers and practitioners. Academia has an important role to play in the development of policies that are relevant to citizens of local governments.

More information here.

Strengthening social inclusion for children with disabilities in Chobe, Botswana

Chobe District in Botswana has worked in partnership with Vänersborg municipality in Sweden to forward social inclusion of children living with disabilities. During recent years, they’ve mobilised local organisations to address social stigma and develop new ways for the youths to engage in recreational activites.

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