Localizing SDGs and enhancing Global Citizenship Education

4 septembre 2020

Diputació de Barcelona has produced a document that offers guidelines to strengthen the links between Global Citizenship Education (GCE) actions and localizing SDGs initiatives, in order to drive real changes in local policies.

What we call Global Citizenship Education (GCE) brings together key elements of different educational trends, such as development education, peace education or education for sustainability, among others. Each of them has decades of experience in promoting changes in citizen’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviours through formal or informal channels.

This experience can help to reinforce the 2030 Agenda’s capacity to generate real change towards a more sustainable future for the planet, connecting local and global realities and highlighting interdependencies and co-responsibility.

The document points out what can be done at the local level to improve this dialogue between SDG and GCE with practical proposals such as introducing GCE perspective in the SDGs training activities or implementing joint initiatives between development cooperation departments and other areas to reach new audiences.

Localizing the 2030 agenda and global citizenship education: an essential dialogue is available in English, Spanish and Catalan. It comes as the result of the research and debate that took place in the ECG working group promoted by Diputació de Barcelona (Government of the Province of Barcelona). Eighteen different municipalities from Barcelona province participate in this group to share experiences and build common knowledge about GCE at the local level.

GCE is a key line of action for Diputació de Barcelona. It has recently opened a call for non-governmental organizations in this field. The call has a total budget of € 700,000 and funds two years long proposals promoting a conscious and critical citizenship committed with human rights and sustainable development worldwide.

More info about the call here.

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