NALAS | Exchange of good practices on host communities & people on the move

4 octobre 2023

The first two info sessions on migration & asylum situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia were carried out online from 25-29 September with participants from local government associations and benefiary local governments. The activities are part of a project that NALAS in coordination with GIZ started to implement in September with a timely horizon until February 2025.

Titled “Exchange of good practices on sociocultural participation of people on the move in host communities in the Western Balkans”, the measure aims to identify municipal good practices via peer-to-peer exchange and learning from successful examples that contribute to strengthening social interaction between the local host population and people in the move in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and North Macedonia. It will conduce to breaking down barriers and building bridges between the host communities and people on the move using a human-rights based approach.

The project consists of several pillars which consecutively build up on one another:

  • Dialogue on coordination between host communities and people on the move at local level
  • Regional Conference about best practise coordination examples among local host communities and people on the move
  • Development of an e-course on guidelines (a model) for better coordination of local governments and host communities with people on the move and conflict transformation
  • Recommendations to be presented to NALAS Working Group on Social Inclusion


(Picture by Sherise Van Dyk on Unsplash)

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