Our reaction to INTPA’s leaked tips for the next Commission

25 avril 2024

On Tuesday 23 April, Politico Europe leaked DG INTPA’s draft Briefing Book for the next European Commission in which the EU clearly departs from its « values based » approach to international cooperation.

Following the publication of this internal document, Boris Tonhauser, director of PLATFORMA, stated:

« In light of the recently leaked Briefing Book drafted for the next Commission, we are extremely concerned to see DG INTPA’s intention to rewrite values-based international cooperation approach to development into an interest-based trade and investment strategy.

Hijacking the EU’s efforts to deliver development policy based on shared values, respect for fundamental rights, democracy, equal partnerships and sustainability in pursuit of geopolitical interests and competition means compromising on a people-centric approach, addressing inequalities, building just societies, and leaving no-one behind.

Such an approach also departs from the well-established strategic partnerships with local authorities and civil society organisations, which are two essential pillars of local participative democratic governance, and territorial approach to development.« 

Global Gateway Strategy

The draft document consolidates the direction that the European Commission has been taking with a huge focus on the Global Gateway Strategy, and a confirmation that the purpose of the EU’s international partnerships and cooperation is for the EU’s geopolitical standing and economic interests.

It repositions itself as an economic partner which will leverage its trade and investments through the Global Gateway to secure its strategic autonomy and counteract China and Russia.

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