Publication | Walking towards a feminist local future

3 octobre 2023

The document “Walking towards a feminist local future. Reflections and debates arising from the 1st Forum of Ibero-American Women Mayors and Elected Leaders” aims at identifying the main reflections, issues and questions that apply to public policies and feminisms, which may be useful not only to specialised politicians and experts on the subject, but to anyone who is interested in including this perspective in local public policies, or in their public or private initiatives.

As part of the 4th World Forum Cities and Territories of Peace held in Bogotá in June 2023, partners of the 1st Forum of Ibero-American Women Mayors and Elected Leaders, Barcelona Provincial Council, the Government of Mexico City, Bogotá Mayor’s Office, and the Mayoralty of Montevideo organised a session on municipal feminism. The session tackled topics addressed during the Forum of Ibero-American locally elected women leaders, namely the need for strengthened feminist leadership and local policies based on a feminist approach.

As a result of the meetings, a final publication has been produced and translated into English with PLATFORMA’s support. 

The publication looks at reflections and debates on political participation and addresses other areas of interest such as gender mainstreaming, feminist economies and gender violence. It also shows transforming initiatives undertaken by local governments as well as further reflections as food for thought for the next fora.

You can read the publication in English here and in Spanish here.

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