SDG monitoring on the local level – A process manual for standard indicators

21 mars 2022

Global awareness on the SDGs is increasing, however, local authorities frequently struggle with monitoring the progress. VNG has drawn up a standard set of SDG indicators for Dutch municipalities to make the SDGs measurable on the local level. The documentation of the process has been developed into a manual for international peers to create their own harmonized indicator set for SDG monitoring at the local level.

A Dutch standard set of SDG indicators

VNG has drawn up a standard set of SDG indicators for municipalities to make monitoring of progress on the local level easier. Similar efforts have been made by the United Nations, UCLG (the world umbrella organization of associations), as well as by cities and municipalities. While these make a valuable contribution to SDG measuring, there is limited work done on guidelines aimed at the local context as a whole, while acknowledging the need of differentiation across contexts. VNG has taken on the task of drawing up a manageable standard set for SDG indicators in collaboration with data experts and input from municipalities, which will be implemented for all Dutch municipalities. The set is now being developed into an online dashboard on ‘’’’, an online module in which municipalities can find data on various indicators, to be launched this spring. Usage of this dashboard will be free of charge, so the tool will be available to all.

SDG Monitoring at the Local Level: International Guidelines

Parallel to the execution of the Dutch SDG indicator set, the process has been documented in order to increase the added value for international peers. This write up has been developed into a general process manual that can be used internationally as a guide to setting up a set of SDG indicators that are relevant in your local context. The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) has been involved to test the applicability of the manual across cultural and geographic contexts. SALGA and UCLG have peer-reviewed the document. The end result is now available to access here.

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