Celebrating ten years of twinning between Algaida and Ciudad Antigua

9 septembre 2020

This year marks ten years since the collaboration agreement was signed between Algaida (Majorca) and the Nicaraguan municipality of Ciudad Antigua (Nicaragua). The Mallorcan people dedicated several activities to commemorate it during their patron saint’s festivities.

The City Council of Algaida has been part of the Fons Mallorquí de Solidaritat i Cooperació since its inception and is currently part of the Executive Committee of the Fund, chaired by its mayor, María Antonia Mulet.

In 2008, the City council of Algaida wanted to build a municipality-to-municipality partnership. Thus, the Fund proposed to sign a twinning with Ciudad Antigua (Nicaragua), for being one of the poorest municipalities in the country.

After a few years of joint work, the twinning between Algaida and Ciudad Antigua was signed in January 2010 during the festivities of Saint Honorat de Algaida, in the presence of the mayor of Ciudad Antigua M. Arturo Mairena. At the same time, twinning commissions are created in both Algaida and Ciudad Antigua, made up of associations and entities from each of the municipalities. During these years we have worked on educational projects, health, municipal strengthening, local economic development and environmental programs, among others.

However, relations between Algaida and Ciudad Antigua have not been limited to a transfer of resources but, as a result of the twinning, various exchanges and visits have taken place between the mayors of both municipalities. Young cooperators of Algaida have actively participated in projects and the City of Algaida has always followed closely the development of projects and their impact. These projects are financed through Fons Mallorquí within the framework of the Municipalist Programs and arise from the Municipal Development Plan of Ciudad Antigua. They are executed by the Mayor’s Office of Ciudad Antigua with the support of INPRHU- Institute for Human Promotion.

With a population of less than 5,000 inhabitants, where not even 10% percent have a permanent job, Ciudad Antigua is one of the poorest municipalities in Nicaragua. Most of the population lives scattered in the 12 rural communities that make up the municipality, which makes access to public services difficult, especially in times of rain.

In July, as part of the Santiago festivities, Algaida has dedicated various activities to commemorate and publicize the twinning. Specifically, an institutional event has been held, as well as several informative workshops aimed informing children and young people. A  photographic retrospective of these ten years was also organised at the Casal Pere Capellà.

(Picture by IMAS)

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