The UN refugee agency draws attention to SALAR’s international work as a good example

31 mars 2022

Through SKL International, SALAR supports municipalities in Turkey and Lebanon that have received millions of refugees from war-torn Syria. The project is called Resilience in Local Governance, RESLOG, and is based on SALAR’s and Swedish municipalities’ experience of the large refugee reception from Syria in 2015.

In the project, SALAR works together with local municipal associations so that their members, in accordance with Agenda 2030, in an inclusive and sustainable way can continue to provide basic municipal services despite the sudden influx of new residents. The project also works to create a basis for the new inhabitants to become part of the local community and thus counteract segregation and contradictions.

The RESLOG project is funded by The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and has been going on for three years. Now the UN refugee agency UNHCR has drawn attention to the work as a so-called Good Practice on its global website

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