Ukrainian pupils visited Tbilisi City Assembly

6 septembre 2023

(This article has been published on NALAG website)

Pupils from the city of Lviv (Ukraine) are visiting Georgia between 3 and 9 September. The twelve winners of the competition “Young Talent of Lviv” and pupils from Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy will attend various cultural and educational events and concerts in the capital and Kakheti region. On 4 September the Ukrainian pupils visited Tbilisi City Assembly.

Chairman of Tbilisi City Assembly Giorgi Tkemaladze, Deputy Chair of the Assembly Tinatin Nibloshvili, Deputy Chair of faction « Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia » Nino Rukhadze and Chairman of Sports and Youth Affairs Commission Guram Okropiridze met the Ukrainian pupils in the Assembly.

Giorgi Tkemaladze thanked the Ukrainian pupils for their visit and noted that Georgia, the Georgian people and the Georgian government stand by the Ukrainian people.

« I am delighted that you are visiting us. Georgia supports Ukraine and Ukrainian people are very dear to us. Since the first day of the war in Ukraine, we have been doing everything to support your country. You might have noticed Ukrainian flags in both the King Tamar Hall of the City Assembly and at the meeting hall. This is our symbolic support to the Ukrainian people. We are a country that knows well what occupation and aggression are. I want to wish you peace and victory, » stated Chairman of Tbilisi City Assembly.

Giorgi Tkemaladze paid attention to the historical and cultural friendship between Georgian and Ukrainian people.

Deputy Chair of faction « Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia » Nino Rukhadze stated that Georgians and Ukrainians share many features. According to her, one of the outstanding features is a heightened sense of truth and justice. By words of Nino Rukhadze, justice will definitely win. Ukrainian students performed Ukrainian songs and hymns.

The supporters of the one-week visit of Ukrainian pupils to Tbilisi are Tbilisi City Hall and Tbilisi City Assembly.

As part of the visit, in addition to the Assembly, Ukrainian students will visit Tbilisi museums, the studio of the folk ensemble « Martve », the national gallery, and the studio of the national ballet « Sukhishvili ». Meetings will also be held with Nikoloz Rachveli, the creative director of Evgeni Mikeladze National Performing Music Center. The Ukrainian pupils will depart to Kakheti region, where they will visit Alexander Chavchavadze House-Museum and Tsinandali Music Festival.


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