Deutscher Städtetag and partners are finalists in the SDG Action Awards of the United Nations

13 mayo 2019

On 2nd of May in Bonn (Germany), the German Association of Cities (Deutscher Städtetag), the Bertelsmann Stiftung and other partners were among the three finalists of the United Nations’ SDG Action Awards.  The UN awarded prizes for the exemplary implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in seven different categories.

The German partners have been nominated for the visualization of the project «SDG indicators for municipalities». A total of 2,000 candidates from 142 countries and 7 continents applied. Twenty-one projects were nominated, including five from Europe and two from Germany. The first prize was won by the Indian project «Safecity- Crowdmap For Sexual Violence».

The manner in which communities address sustainability and the implementation of the SDGs is of central importance. But how can this be done? Deutscher Städtetag first answer: a universal set of 47 core indicators for all SDGs and sub objectives, which support municipalities in assessing and monitoring progress and development towards achieving the SDGs. Deutscher Städtetag second answer: an easy and intuitive approach towards them. For that purpose, the German partners have turned their «SDG indicators for municipalities» project  into a website: the “SDG-Portal”! The vision is also to involve European cities and cities from the global south.

The SDG-Portal visualizes the municipalities’ progress on their way towards sustainability illustrated by indicator-based data. Not only does it provide an insight into the past years’ development, but it also offers the possibility to compare one municipality’s data with another. The portal facilitates a databased approach towards the SDGs for interested citizens, mayors and local politicians who are now enabled to monitor their work progress.

Check the portal it provides publicly available data on sustainable development indicators systematically linked to the SDGs.

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