[Expired] CoM SSA is looking for a contractor to organise capacity building and advocacy events

8 février 2022

The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) is looking for a contractor for the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) initiative. The contractor shall support the organisation of capacity building and advocacy events and the coordination and editorial of two project publications:

  •  “Local Climate Action Advocacy in Sub-Saharan Africa”
  • “Capacity-building for Local Government Associations: lessons learned”

For more information on the project, please consult: comssa.org

The bids, and any other communication related to the tender, shall be sent to the e-mail address application@ccre-cemr.org with COMSSA in the subject.

Interested consultants shall submit their bids no later than by 22 February 2022 – 12h00.

Check the full Terms of Reference.

(Photo by Daniel Kunz on Unsplash)

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