Le 18 septembre 2020
Majorca (Spain)

Round Table on SDG 6 by Fons Mallorqui

On the occasion of the free car day, the Fons Mallorquí is organising an outside round table on SDG 6 « Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all » on 18 September at 12.00 pm. This event is also an opportunity to promote the European Days of Local Solidarity 2020 that will take place all over Europe from 14 to 29 November. The recording of this round table will soon be available.

Key questions for discussion:

  • Equal access to available, safe and affordable water and adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene can mean the difference between prosperity and poverty, well-being and ill health, and even living and dying. What are the main challenges in eliminating inequalities in access to water and sanitation services?
  • Financial needs in the water sector remain high. More funding is needed, ranging from more efficient use of existing resources to the provision of new funding paradigms to create more opportunities for rapid progress in the years to come. What are the most sustainable innovative funding models that can best promote in the the implementation of SDG 6?
  • Lack of capacity is limiting the development and management of water resources and reports of human resource shortages in all key areas, including: agriculture and irrigated agriculture; water risk management; water and sanitation services; wastewater treatment, recycling and reuse technologies; data collection. How can we link to SDG 8 by finding ways to encourage decent work and economic growth in the water sector?
  • Who are the most backward countries and who are at risk of falling behind in this SDGs


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